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11/03/14: New film “Newton’s Grace” in post production

Bruce just signed to provide original music to a new film from his collaborators on “Wesley.” The new work features an original score recorded with live orchestra. Titled “Newton’s Grace,” recording should be completed in late fall.

10/20/14: Beginning work on new documentary

Bruce started work on a new documentary film about a young man’s struggle with stage 4 cancer. Score to be finished by the end of the year. Look forward to more info soon.

7/13/14: Nice review of “Desperate Acts”

Adding to the list of praise for “Desperate Acts of Magic,” Sunday saw the publication of another nice review.  He calls the musical score “jazzy” and “energetic.” Yeah…I’ll agree with that.

5/2/13: Completed score to short “A Date with my Gyno.”

Just finished up the score to the comedic short film “A Date with My Gyno.” It’s been a ton of fun to work on this clever and witty project with my dear friend Setu Raval and new collaborator Matt Maddox. Keep checking back for more info and this film is sure to appear at a variety of film festivals, etc.

10/4/12: “Foresight” score available on itunes

At long last, the soundtrack recording of “Foresight” is available on itunes, joining the previously available soundtrack to “Wesley.” Both beautifully played by the Carolina Film Orchestra. Check it out here.

6/27/12: Completed score to “The Graveyard Feeder”

Today, I delivered the finished score to the Gothic Comedy (is that a new genre?) “The Graveyard Feeder,” which stars Sean Bridgers (“Deadwood”). This excellent project will definitely be going places as it was assembled by a fantastic team including one of my new favorite collaborators, Director Rich Robinson.